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Are you visiting St. Lucia for business, pleasure, visiting for the first time or perhaps a returning trip? Whatever the purpose of your trip let ML Taxi and Tours make it a memorable one!



    About St. Lucia


    Located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, 21 miles south of Martinique and 26 miles north-east of St. Vincent lies the mountainous terrain of beautiful St. Lucia (“paradise beyond compare”). With an estimated population of 183,600, St. Lucia has become one of the most prestigious, inviting and secured tourist destinations.

    Anytime is a good time to visit St. Lucia. This island offers the complete package for tourists, excursionists and travelers guaranteed to satisfy every hidden desire with modern facilities which are being continuously enhanced. St. Lucia is equipped with proper infrastructure to ensure that the journey of its clientele is comfortable, enjoyable and rewarding.



    Our Fleet

    We plan, maintain, and manage an effective and safe transportation service and accommodation program that provides value and comfort as well as mobility. Our drivers are well trained as a company we organize training in customer care, emergency procedures and first aid.

    Professional, Efficient, Cost Effective And Enjoyable!

    Saint Lucia is equipped to fulfil any of your inhibitions with sophistication and love. A warm and hospitable population added to catering to your heart’s desire makes St. Lucia the perfect, your perfect holiday destination.

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