Your Perfect Holiday Destination

Saint Lucia is equipped to fulfill any of your inhibitions with sophistication and love. A warm and hospitable population added to catering to your heart’s desire.



    About St. Lucia


    Located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, 21 miles south of Martinique and 26 miles north-east of St. Vincent lies the mountainous terrain of beautiful St. Lucia (“paradise beyond compare”). With an estimated population of 183,600, St. Lucia has become one of the most prestigious, inviting and secured tourist destinations.


    Anytime is a good time to visit St. Lucia. This island offers the complete package for tourists, excursionists and travelers guaranteed to satisfy every hidden desire with modern facilities which are being continuously enhanced. St. Lucia is equipped with proper infrastructure to ensure that the journey of its clientele is comfortable, enjoyable and rewarding.


    The country offers a variety of Tourism attractions to its visitors. The battle for this country, between the British and the French, has left the island littered with historical sites, museums, forts and archaeological sites waiting to tell their story.


    The arts and crafts shops coupled with the roadside vendors have an assortment of necklaces, carved pieces and other memorable collectibles for tourists to carry a piece of St. Lucia back with them.


    Likewise, the country offers a vast range of local dishes to provide the ultimate St. Lucian experience. Our esteemed restaurants and hotels assure that no taste bud left displeased. This splendid island is the host of a series of festivals geared towards entertaining while ensuring an opportunity to bond between locals and visitors. The renowned Jazz festival which occurs during the months of April to May, followed by jubilant carnival celebrations in July, makes the country the destination for anyone looking to have a marvelous experience. The annual creole festival hosted in October is sure to add to the cultural experience for all visitors.


    St. Lucia is surrounded by the most alluring, warm and breath taking bodies of water the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. These blue waters provide ample water sports that the country is best known for. For the adventurous souls there is wind surfing, yachting, sailing, fishing, diving, and snorkeling. For those who are far less audacious, the glistening white sands transform into perfect tan factories as you enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Furthermore, the country has a majestic flora and fauna component which complement its eco-tourism program. The country offers an array of hiking expeditions as well as zip lining to feed that inner explorer.


    Efficient staff members at your hotel are always pleased to greet you with warm baths, massages or any of the spa treatments to help you relax and ooze away any stress which may have been undiscovered after your exciting experiences.


    Thus, Saint Lucia is equipped to fulfil any of your inhibitions with sophistication and love. A warm and hospitable population added to catering to your heart’s desire makes St. Lucia the perfect, your perfect holiday destination.

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    About Us

    ML Taxi and Tours is an island partner in shaping a convenient, attractive and hospitable tourism product for our visitors and all St. Lucians alike. The company is centered on transfers via land and sea, and is seen as one cut above the rest founded on service and timely delivery. We plan, maintain, and manage an effective and safe transportation service and accommodation program that provides value and comfort as well as mobility. Our drivers are well trained as a company we organize training in customer care, emergency procedures and first aid.

    About Our Dedicated Drivers

    At ML Taxi and Tours our drivers have the right formula:

    • They are committed to excellence
    • All drivers are government certified
    • Professional, hospitable, informative, driver-guides who love their jobs
    • Right on time –we guarantee consistent, punctual service
    • Extremely knowledgeable and personable
    • Courteous drivers – they love people; love their country
      (their passion will show by the service you will receive)
    • Allowing you time to capture memories by ensuring you get good photos
    • They will ensure after the concierge service our guest thinks of us as it’s not the end of their affiliation with us but looking back at the experience as a five star review
    • Ensure you dine at the most superb local restaurants


    • To become the preferred choice in chartered taxi and tours
      services in St. Lucia.
    • Create a superior awareness of the true St. Lucian experience.
    • To enhance and maintain the quality of service we deliver.
    • To educate our visitors on the hidden treasures of this blessed
      Island and its people.
    • To help in improving the overall quality of life
    • To represent a practical approach to St. Lucia’s Taxi, Tours and
      Attractions that is consistent with, and reflects our visitors’


    • To increase the number of tours and excursions
    • To further grow airport transfers
    • Provide exceptional customer service as a first class
      St. Lucia Taxi & Tour Company
    • To attract more locals (individuals and companies) to
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    • Provide exceptional customer service as a first class
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    • Enhance the variety of places of interest, tours and attractions
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